Tools to Utilize for Effective Online Reputation Management

When it comes to general business management, trust plays a part no matter the scenario. Without the necessary trust, a company can’t efficiently sell and market its products. It is the reason why savvy startup owners go for online reputation management software and services as soon as possible. If people feel like they can’t trust a company, not only will they refuse to try any of a company’s products — they will also likely write negative feedback about the business.

While one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, many online users will search for company reviews before giving its products a try. If they find that others do not trust the business, it will likely be enough for them to do the same. It’s an unfortunate cycle and one that can turn into a downward trend for a business if the startup owner is not careful. Fortunately, there are various ways to help a company focus on online reputation management, such as an effective review widget.

An understanding of the tools needed is crucial to help companies get as good a start as possible. Here are some tools any business owner can utilize for effective online reputation management.

The email marketing tool, SendInBlue

One of the oldest ways to get customers to give products a try would be through email marketing and outreach. Not too many companies use customer onboarding in this way, as many feel like the tactic’s connection to spam can turn off many potential customers.

While it is true enough that nobody likes Internet spam, it is all about using a smart marketing tool to help the company owner make the most out of email outreach. SendInBlue is a powerful tool that can help business owners deliver efficient email marketing without any of the negative stigma connected to email spam.

The social media assistant, Buffer

While email outreach is one of the oldest and most effective, one of the more modern ways for a company to get the brand exposure it needs would be through social media matters. It is never a bad idea for a company owner to have an active social media presence, as it helps show the company in a positive and reliable light. That said, trying to stay as active as possible no matter the scenario is challenging without the right tool.

Buffer can help companies schedule posts and make sure that even if there are times when delegated social media staff are not around, there will still be posts made on the profile. The use of a review widget alongside tools like Buffer can help companies keep track of reviews while simultaneously urging online users to communicate and engage with the business.

The analytics expert and review widget, Mention

One of the reasons why company owners make use of review monitoring tools is the fact that being mentioned online is important, and it pays to know every time a business receives feedback through reviews. Mention is the type of tool to help company owners stay in touch not just with potential reviews but mentions in news sites, blogs, reviews, and much more. It is a much more in-depth version of Google Alerts, allowing a company to make the most out of their opportunities by being provided real-time updates of the latest mentions.

It might not seem like much, but the tool’s ability to track the company’s digital footprint is vital for analytics. It allows the company owner to not only keep track of their analytics, but those of other competitors, which can be compared to see if anything needs tweaking.

Getting updates with Brand Grader

There are times when it isn’t a comprehensive look into a brand that the company owner needs, but a quick update about how things are going. While many of the tools above are all about providing the most comprehensive analytics possible, Brand Grader is about offering a quick look into the company’s brand and marketing success. Brand Grader is the kind of tool that is used quite often, as it provides insight on how the business is doing without bombarding the company owner with information.

When mixed with the other tools above, Brand Grader shows its true colors as a tool to be trusted. The best part is that it’s entirely free, allowing companies to take advantage of Brand Grader without having to worry about making payments.

The bottom line

Any business in any industry needs the right analytics to make the proper moves within a competitive business landscape. While it might be somewhat overwhelming to have to deal with multiple tools at once, there is no denying that tools such as a quality review widget are crucial for just about any company. Learning how and when to use the tools is something that comes with time, and will undoubtedly help any business future-proof their efforts while they tweak their digital marketing campaigns.